Noncho Poncho Kit
Noncho Poncho Kit
Noncho Poncho Kit
Noncho Poncho Kit

Noncho Poncho Kit

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Kit includes 4 skeins of Emma's Yarn Simply Spectacular DK (255 yds, 100g) to make the Noncho by Casapinka.  The kit will work for the XS or S size.  If you would like to make a larger size please add additional single skeins in the appropriate colors.

Finished sizes for DK


39.23(44.5, 50.75, 56.75) 62, 66.75, 72.75" Bust

Yarn Amounts:

Color A: 62(72,80,90) 100, 105, 115 yds

Color B: 337(380, 431,485) 531,569,635 yds

Color C: 225(253, 289, 322)355, 380, 416 yds

FREE PATTERN CODE is available only April 30th - May 1st and can only be used during the weeknd.  In order to get this code you MUST leave an e-mail or phone number when checking out, or call the shop directly.  Thank you for your understanding.


Better Than Hype (A: Better Than Hype B: Denim C: Whisper)

Glamping (A: Glamping B: Beach Please C: Whisper)

Remote (A: Remote B: Jackie O C: Grayscale)

Security (A: Security B: Love + Leche C: Whisper)